Sunday, September 01, 2013

Packing Your Life up on Land/What to Bring

This was probably one of the most stressful parts for me in terms of getting ready for this voyage. I am somewhat attached to my clothes, and I have a lot of them. Unlike a lot of people,I actually wear most of my clothes. I obviously have my favorites that I wear more often, but I usually get around to wearing almost all of them, so this was a very hard task for me. My friend Holly, who understands how hard these decisions can be and knows how difficult it is for me to make decisions, came over to help. I had already packed up a chunk of clothes that I was not bringing, but still had a lot left over that I wanted to bring. We laid all of my clothes out on my bed in different categories (casual dresses, nicer dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts etc) and started the elimination process. At one point I had to take a break and leave the room because I was pretty sure I might have a panic attack (yes, I'm aware they are just clothes and I'm not deciding whether or not to take my loved one off life support, but it's still hard!). Throughout the next few days I had eliminated some more clothes, even though it was beginning to look like I wasn't bringing that much, I couldn't imagine how it would all fit on the boat. I amazingly managed to fit all my clothes into a big Tupperware bin! I brought it on the boat and managed to fit it in half the allotted clothes space, leaving exactly half for John. Then John comes with a giant suitcase full of clothes. There was no way I was gonna let him bring more clothes than me, so I made him do some eliminations (or rather I did them for him), and just barely fit his stuff in too.

Aside from all the warm weather clothes that a brought, I was in need of some warmer pants. I went to Lululemon and the friendly staff there helped me out. I got 2 pairs of pants that are warm, dry easily and breath, which is very important on the water and a big thick what they call Scuba hoodie. I noticed as I was packing my stuff up that I had a huge abundance of Lululemon tops and shorts (from the days when I used to go to the gym and run), and as I write this I am currently in 3 layers of their clothes. I could pretty much be their spokesperson, so feel free to sponsor me Lululemon! I will say that they do have great stuff for sailing, high necks and good hoods, their long sleeved items have little mitts at the end of them, they're warm but they breath and they're the same price or cheaper than any sailing brand, plus they're colorful and stylish!  Though I did buy a Gil foul weather gear jacket and pants, I don't wanna mess around when the really bad weather comes!
The Sign on my changing room at Lululemon
 In terms of other things that I brought, I brought a very limited amount of make up, barely any jewelry, 1 scarf, 1 purse, a couple nail polishes, 2 pairs of boat shoes (though as I look at my feet in my socks and boat shoes I realize that I could really use something warmer that also doesn't look so awful, this is a baby step up from socks and sandals) and some heels-because you never know!

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