Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ocean bound

 We left NYC first thing in the morning to go to Long Island and sailed past the statue of liberty which was pretty cool. It was pretty rolly with the waves and things down below were sliding around. I was very happy that I decided to put the seasickness patch on the night before (it takes 12 hrs to be effective). We made it to the ocean and also got both of our sails up for the first time. We were very keeled over (which means the boat was leaning very hard to one side) but we were going really fast. We did a bunch of tacking (when you pull the lines-aka ropes to make the sail go on the other side) which was the most workout I'll get on a boat. After we had been sailing for many hours we were getting close to the inlet (the path type thing you take to get out of the middle of the ocean and into towns or marinas) and neither of us had any idea how or what to do. Luckily there was a 34' sailboat behind us and we radioed him to ask him if he had any idea of how to do it. This guy-Vinny obviously new his stuff (he was sailing the same sized boat as ours by himself!) he was so helpful and guided us through very carefully. If it weren't for him we would've likely gotten stuck on a sandbar, there were tons of them, and they weren't marked on our GPS. Vinny said he got stuck in one and had to wait over 6 hrs for someone to come and help him. Thank you Vinny! 

Freedom tower

Miss Liberty

Our new friend Vinny!

We continued down some shallow water until we made it to the Yankee Clipper Marina (basically slips behind a dental office). There were tons of boats all along, seemed like they were behind peoples houses or something, it left a very little passageway for us to go through. We're staying here for about a week since Johns sister and niece and brother-in-law live here. Matt's (John's sister Alison's husband) cousin sells insurance to this dental office so he got us a sweet deal. We tried to dock in slip 17 which they had assigned us. Not even half the boat fit in this slip. I had to do a ninja jump to get off the boat at the front to tie us up. We decided this was not a good place for us so we decided to find a bigger one and hope for the best. 
Going super far inland

The definition of a house boat

So decadent

We managed to dock and the gate was locked to get out, but luckily a little boy on his bike had come to chat with us and showed me a trick on how to open it (this is of course I had already jumped over the fence like a criminal). For dinner I made guacamole since the fridge had been off for a few days so there was nothing to eat that had to be refrigerated, but it was delicious all the same. 

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