Friday, September 20, 2013

NYC day 2

The next morning we went to see the 911 memorial at ground zero. There were 2 big waterfall/pools (I think in the spots where the towers originally stood). All around it were names of the people who were lost. There we even little computer-like stands where you could look someone up and it would tell you where you could find their name. People were putting flowers by the names of their loved ones. It was really beautiful and it seems like the new Freedom Tower is going to be incredibly extravagant, I can only imagine how much money is being put into it...

911 memorial

We stopped into Century 21, but not for long, John made a timer of 30 mins and thats all I would get then we had to leave. Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping with him? I tried to lose him I the shoe department to get away, but he found me. 

Then we took the subway to the west village to meet up with John's cousin Jonathan who lives there and works for Joe Fresh for lunch. Next to the restaurant we were at was this crazy art installation where they put a green pasture and cheep in a gas station! We took a walk across the Highline, which is an old railroad track made into a park type walkway which was really beautiful.
John and his cousin Jonathon

Walking the Highline

Yes, this is art

We went back to the boat to rescue Dexter, and I took him to the dog park again where I met a crazy lady. She's some sort or dog reiki/spiritualist. She was very odd and trying to convince me that taking Dexter on a boat was a bad idea, how do I let him out of my sight. Then she began frantically taking tons of pictures of him and even me. Then, as I was desperately trying to get away and leave, she gave me her card that says she's a dog reiki specialist, and told me to add her on Facebook and to send her pictures and let her know how he's doing because she's very worried about him...very very strange.
Dexter's first dinghy ride!

Dog park fun!

After I escaped from the crazy lady I went to find John and we walked to the Shake Shack (yes, again, I was still dreaming about that burger and couldn't leave without another one). Outside the restaurant was a big doggy dish of water and a place to clip your dogs leash on that said "Parking" too cute! They also sell doggy burgers there! We took our food and went to eat it in central park. We went back to the Shake Shack after of course to get a pint of Red Velvet ice cream, mmm. It's definitely good I had to walk so much after all I've eaten in the past couple days! We went back to the boat and-no joke-I fell asleep at 20:30, clearly New York kicked my ass. 
Simba, everything the light touches belongs to you... 

We already knew

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Who doesn't love free parking?!

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