Saturday, September 28, 2013

No Match for the Patch!

We left Freeport yesterday morning and went to a marina called Guy Marina to do a pump out (which is how you get rid of the waste that's in the holding tank aka toilet). There was no one there so we did it ourselves for the first time ever. I was worried it was going to be a disaster and the waste going all over us, but luckily we were quite successful. John has a habit of doing the accent of wherever we are (or if he ever watches the show True Blood he speaks with a southern accent for the next few days after), and he does it to the extreme. So I had to speak with someone who had a Long Island/Jersey/something else I'm not quite sure of for the remainder of the day, fun right?
The ghetto Freeport marina

We got back onto the ocean which was said to look like glass, but somehow I still got seasick, not cool. There wasn't that much wind so we motor sailed (when you have your sails up and the motor running as well) all the way to Sandy Hook where we dropped anchor and watched a beautiful sunset. We had a delicious dinner of mayo-dill seasoned salmon, portobello mushrooms and rice, it was delicious! I also decided to put a seasickness patch on which makes me feel like a zombie, but still better than seasick.
This is where I felt my best
A paraglider flew right over our heads!

Beautiful sunset

Dexter enjoying the sunset


We got up bright and early because we wanted to do 50 nautical miles. Unfortunately today the ocean was not at all like glass. The boat was pitching (when the boat goes back on forth rather than side to side) so much, the entire front of the deck was getting soaking wet. We got both sails up which made it slightly more stable and turned the motor off. The wind and the sails were being finicky so we put the motor back on. Unfortunately for me, the waves and swells were so big (around 4') that it was no match for the patch (and I was wearing sea bands) and I got seasick again-brutal. So now I'm seasick, and super drowsy and have an incredibly dry mouth from the side effects of the patch. And because I am drinking so much water because my mouth is so dry, I keep having to make a tinkle, and of course going downstairs to the bathroom just makes the seasickness worse. It was a vicious cycle. To make matters even better, the engine dies and we can't get it back on, huge panic! So we had to put a sail up to keep us going. We radioed another sailboat who was nice enough to guide us into the little inlet called Manasquan to anchor. Luckily John took a diesel engine course and was able to fix the engine (there was air in the fuel line, possibly because we were rolling so much). So unfortunately we didn't make it to our original destination, but we needed a break after the crazy waters we just experienced.
But not to worry friends and family, we got harnesses with a PDF so we're a bit safer, now we just need the tethers to make sure we don't fall off the boat!
Sweet harness John!

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  1. The list of new exciting, dangerous and yucky things you are doing keeps growing. If the patches aren't doing the trick, what about the pills? Il faut essayer autre chose, il me semble. Les pillules n'ont pas d'effet sominifère aussi. If the waves are getting that high, I hope you can buy the lines to attach to your harnesses soon. And the netting for Dexter's safety, too. Maybe in Virginia.

    Bisous de rue Home,

    Winnipeg John (and Mom)