Monday, September 16, 2013

Most Common Questions and Advice I've Gotten

What about your relationship? When John asked my friend Holly how she felt about him taking me on this trip for a year her response was " I've heard a lot of stories of wives going missing at sea..." so yes, I've gotten a lot of people concerned about out relationship and a lot of people saying that they could never live in a small space 24/7 with their significant other. Am I concerned about this? Sure, a little, but I think Im more worried about other things such as safety etc. We did not live with each other in our land lives, though we certainly spent a lot of time together. As my mother said we're doing a "trial by fire". But without the stresses of our everyday lives and jobs, this could very well be the perfect place to start living together, but only time will tell. So far so good-though its only been a week or so...But if we ever need some space, someone can just go and sit in the dinghy behind the boat for a bit.

What about pirates?!  Also not one of my number 1 concerns, and if we do encounter any, Dexter has a pirate costume and can pretend to be one of them and we're already his prisoners. We have been advised by Johns aunt to get a gun in order to defend ourselves, but I'd probably just end up shooting John "accidentally" in a moment of passion, not exactly ideal. 

Aren't you scared you're going to get eaten by a shark? No, at least not any more than I normally am.

What about storms and hurricanes? Probably my top concern is weather since we haven't experienced any real foul weather on the boat yet so we'll both be new to it. But if we pay attention and listen to the weather constantly we should be aware when something's coming and know to avoid it, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Babies? We've also had an odd amount of people telling us that we should come back with a baby or even babies plural. That we have enough time to conceive and give birth to one. I don't know if they have any experience in delivering babies on 35' boats, but it definitely isn't my ideal place to give birth-what's wrong with you people? Also morning sickness combined with seasickness, sounds like hell to me.

Finances? John and I have both tried to save some money, and since John is now retired he will be getting his regular salary up until December which helps a lot. Also, living on a boat is actually cheaper than our lives on land (not counting the actual buying of the boat and the stuff in it). We don't have any rent to pay or hydro/Internet bills, car insurance and gas, buss pass, we don't go out as much etc. The most expensive part of cruising is staying in marinas which is why we will try to anchor for free as much as possible. All this is not to say we have the funds to live the life of luxury that we'd like to, so if anyone feels the urge to donate some funds our way, we wouldn't be upset about it!

What are you most looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to not working! Whoo! I've also decided I want to learn to crochet which might make me more into an elderly person than I already am, but I figure I need to catch up with John anyways! I'm really looking forward to having the time to actually read books and to write (and for this blog) and to do some painting. I'm also kind of looking forward to being somewhat removed from communication with the outside world and not spending so much time and relying on the internet so much-I don't think John is quite as excited for this though. But I am super excited for the traveling and visiting of new places and meeting cool people along the way. 

What are you least looking forward to? I'm definitely worried about seasickness, like a lot. Also for really rough weather which would in turn lead into being seasick. I also am not a fan of John's bathroom rule which is that we have to pee in a cup and then dump it down the sink so as not to fill up the space in the holding tank (thats where the stuff that you put in the toilet goes) as quickly-whatever you do, don't drink out of the cup in the bathroom!. You can imagine how much harder this is for a girl than it is for a guy-especially when its wavy. Not fun. I'm a little concerned that I'm going to turn into a fatty since I really don't do a whole lot of moving (the boat is 35', I go back and forth on it maximum 10 times a day, probably burns about 50 calories) and we have a ridiculous amount of chips on board. I'll let you know if I find a solution to that, or if I seem to be growing at a less than normal rate. And of course there's no escaping John! Just kidding... 

Won't you get bored? I can't wait to be bored!!! I like to use the word relaxing instead of bored, makes it sound much nicer. But really we're on the go so much and there's so much to see that I can't imagine we'll have too much time to be bored. It can get a little boring when you're motoring for 10 hours a day and the other person is busy doing something else, which is why we listen to podcasts or music while we're at the helm, helps keep me sane. We also have some board games for that exact purpose. And there's always Dexter, we really enjoy speaking for him and pretending we know what he's thinking....maybe we are bored....

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  1. Well done Cassy and pets!
    About time, as it is steamy-breath-in-the-morning time up here.