Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lots and Lots of Locks

Yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn and left Fort Ann to try our hardest to get through 10 locks in 1 day. Once again the weather report was not sounding good but ended up being crazy hot-hot enough for bathing suits (i think they said 100 F)! As we went through the locks there were a bunch of dredging boats (boats that bring up mud and stuff from the bottom of the lake to make it deeper) and we were told to steer clear of them. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it but apparently I wasn't since we got trash talked by them over the VHF radio! These guys were telling the other boats that "there's a dumb-ass sailboat with its mast down going all over the place". I never thought there would be trash talk over a VHF radio-you can't even operate it without taking a course-it's illegal, I really thought it was mostly for emergencies, apparently I was misinformed. 11 hours later we made it out of the last lock and tied up to a dock in Troy, NY. We were exhausted and hungry and went to eat at Browns Brewery Bar, which was surprisingly happening for a Wednesday night, during a thunderstorm in a small town. 
Lock time!

Inside the lock
One of the many locks
The trash talking dredgers
rough day!

Today we passed through Albany and managed to make it to the marina Hop o Nose in Catskills in the pouring rain where we have a reservation to put our mast back up. The owner let us borrow his car and we went into the little town to get some food and booze. This tiny town has the biggest store dedicated to selling only beer that I have ever seen. Best thing I've seen all day was someone's car that had a decal on the windshield that said (I kid you not) "Low Standards"! It also had one on its mirror that said "you like this" with the Facebook thumps up symbol. I love little America.

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  1. Good luck, sailors! Love the blog, Cassy, and I love seeing pictures of Dexter. Give John a hug for all us back at 367, and take care of your lovely self! ~shireef