Sunday, September 22, 2013

Livin' it up in Long Island

We finally got to sleep in! Yay! We had breakfast on board and in the afternoon Matt (John's brother-in-law) came to the boat to pick us up and go back to his place to see Johns sister Alison and niece Josie. Matt took John on a run (which he's paying for now...), while Alison and I took Josie and Dexter to the park. Later on Matt took me with him to Whole Foods, since I had asked about it since I keep hearing about it but didn't know what it was. Basically it's the most perfect grocery store ever. Apparently its where all the fancy shmancy people buy their groceries. Then we went for dinner at George Martin's Grill Fire with Matt's aunt and uncle-best restaurant ever! Here's why: instead of bread at the beginning they give you complementary soft pretzels with mustard, which was delicious-but that's not all!! At the end of dinner they bring you a giant thing of cotton candy! I was in heaven. I most definitely ate 3/4 of that cotton candy (I apologize to the other 5 people at my table that did not get their fair share of it). 
Breakfast on board!
The next morning we got a visit from Alison and Josie on the boat-Josie is a big fan and cries when she can't go on it. John and I walked around Freeport (not a lot to see btw) and went into Home Depot and Duncan Donuts (with Dexter-and it was no problem) and then did some necessary work on the boat before Alison and Josie picked us up to go back to her place to have our first sleep on land in 20 days! Whoo!

We picked up wine and ordered sushi. Dexter and Josie have gotten pretty tight, just steps away from buying each other matching best friends necklaces. Though I think Dexter sometimes gets the idea that maybe he should take their relationship to the next level. I think he's a bit confused since they're the same size. Sorry Dexter, its not gonna happen buddy. John put little Josie to bed for the first time and then we proceeded to watch a serious marathon of the Golden Girls where I learned that John, who doesn't remember my birthday or what he had for breakfast, did remember line for line the episodes of Golden Girls...hmmm...something's not quite right there...
John trying to feed Josie



Watching Sesame Street together

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