Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Internet, We Missed You

The next day John and I finally dealt with the issue of getting an American cell phone that can give us Internet access on our computer by tethering. The people at AT&T said that the only plan that will do tethering costs $109 plus tax per month, which seemed a bit steep. He said that no companies offers it with a pay as you go phone. We went over to Radio Shack where we managed to get a pay as you go phone with tethering and international calling for $50 a month. Jose from AT&T, you may want to brush up on your info, because I think you're confused. Anyhow-we now have Internet and are once again connected to society! I think John has gone through withdrawal from Internet and now it's like crack for him. There, I said it, I think he's an addict. 

So we're staying behind some dental office that is also a marina...weird, I know. Though I also saw a dental clinic that said CAR WASH DENTAL CLINIC, so maybe this is a new thing and dentists are trying to expand their clientele, you never know. We went to the dental office (actually called a dental studio, not sure what that means exactly) to pay for our week stay here-which was only $87! John asked the woman if there was any chance she took Canadian money. She responded with a genuine "you guys have different money in Canada?!". Yikes...

The Ghetto of Long Island

That night we had a lovely dinner of tilapia, potatoes and veggie kabobs, and of course wine!
Lemon pepper tilapia

Veggie kabobs on reusable skewers

The final product

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