Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good ol' Fort Ann

Tuesday we started the process of going through the 12 Champlain canal locks but only made it through 2 and then found a random little floating dock in this erie looking canal in the tiny town of Fort Ann. We walked the few blocks of the town, trying to get groceries and wine. Turns out they only have a gas station and local bar, though I was able to buy a bottle of wine from the barmaid for $9! This big tattooed guy looovvved Dexter and thought it was amazing that he was wearing a bow-tie and said as he was walking away "I'm so glad I saw that!". I guess you appreciate the little pleasures in a small town who's historic plaque said that decades ago when people first tried to make it into a town it failed!

Happy with my wine!

It appears that Dexter has either become more fearless or is just so desperate for contact with another dog and land that he now jumps off the boat even with the gate up-not cool Dexter! He saw a dog on land and flew off. Later on he jumped off and just ran in circles like a crazy person. Luckily his collar jingles a bit which makes him slightly easier to find at night since he's black and kind of blends in. Getting him not to jump off is definitely something I need to work on.

One of our many spiderwebs

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  1. Love the photos. The spider web and ducks or geese taking off in the mist ahead are really neat! It looks so tranquil and other worldly, as if you are explorers in a new land, which you are kind of.

    John in Winnipeg