Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Ocean, I Think our Love Affaire may be Coming to an end...

Well we had quite a day today! I am barely functioning as I write this, so bear with me. We started our day by going to get some diesel from a marina in Manasquan/Point Pleasant Beach. On our way we touched the bottom and got stuck in the mud. We kept trying to get ourselves out just like you would in a car, but no such luck. We asked a boat passing us if he could make some waves for us since that would help us get unstuck. He did some circles around us, and just when we were about to give up, we got out! We got our gas and then continued south, aiming for a place called Little Egg inlet.

Manasquan inlet

I thought I was gonna be fine, seasickness wise, I still had the patch on and everything. But soon enough I was proven very wrong. The waves and swells were pretty high. I had to use the bathroom so I went downstairs and got thrown onto the couch where I decided to stay for a while because I felt so icky. The waves/swells seemed to get bigger and stronger and before I knew it our big table fell over on the couch I was lying on, luckily it just missed me.

This gave John a scare so I went upstairs and he said we were almost at Little Egg inlet. John couldn't find any markers to guide us in so decided not to do it and try for another one. As this was happening, giant waves (7-8 ft!) came over the whole boat and soaked the cockpit. We don't mind getting wet, but the wave was so powerful that it took out our dinghy :(. Thanks a lot ocean, we kinda needed that. I thought we could go back for it but John didn't think it was worth it, said he'd rather lose the dinghy than our lives. At least he has his priorities straight! I was pretty nervous about Dexter having the same fate as our dinghy so I held on tight to him, I think he was a bit shaken up too.

The next inlet was Atlantic City, unfortunately still another 10 nautical miles away. We got a bit confused and stressed but managed to make it in just as the sun was setting and dropped anchor. The waves had thrown everything around in the cabin, luckily most things were secured, but it was a bit of a mess. It seems like tomorrows forecast calls for hazardous seas with waves 3-5 ft, great. I was excited to be on the ocean, with the smell of salt water, but after the past few days, I miss lakes!
The disaster down below

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