Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crocheting Makes me Wanna Bang my Head

So I have a tendency to be less than aware of where my head is in relation to the things around me. So you can imagine how much more difficult I'm finding it in a tiny space. It would be impossible for me to say how many times I've bonked my head (and many other body parts) since starting this journey on the boat. I would say at least 10 times per day. I have bruises allll over, my head is constantly sore, theres definitely more bumps and lumps on than before, it's getting ridiculous. I even banged my forehead so bad the other day it scraped skin off it! John is always making fun of me for it, but now he's begun banging his head and body parts too (granted not quite as often as me) so I think he's become slightly more sympathetic. This is basically to say that if you notice my blogposts going downhill, not making as much sense and completely losing my grammar, it's most likely because I've lost too many brain cells from all the head banging. 

I'm also having a serious issue learning to crochet. I have a book with step by step instructions that I thought would be super simple. I could not have been more wrong. I then looked it up online and tried to follow videos. Nope. I don't remember the last times tried so hard at something and failed so horribly. I spent far too much time getting nowhere with is. I can't even master the way to hold my hands properly let alone the stitches. I've decided to take a time out from it for a bit and then try again. I think I need to befriend and old lady to teach me. If anyone has any tips-I'm all ears!
The latest crochet attempt-Dexter, you're no help!

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