Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chipman's Point

On Monday we left the Old Dock House, got some coffee and sticky buns from the Pink Pig cafe which was delicious. The weather is not looking good today, though I'm feeling okay, maybe because of my seasickness patch or because the waves aren't as big. We motored down lake Champlain for a while but kept hearing a weather warning on the radio for thunderstorms and damaging hail so we thought we'd better find a safe place to stay for the night. There wasn't any spots that looked safe to anchor so we decided to go to a marina. At the moment we only have our Canadian cell phones so we aren't able to call to see if there's any space in a marina (you can even reserve a spot as though it's a restaurant!) but I have a plan on my phone that allows me to text in the US so we texted John's dad Charles and he made some calls for us and found us a spot at Chipman's point marina. This was such a cute marina, seemed more like a community centre, everybody new everyone. The office/store was open without anyone working and it seemed that it just worked on an honor system where if you buy something you write it on a post it on a bulletin board and pay another time. Oddly enough the owners name was Chip (the actual area/town is called Chipman's, he didn't name his marina after himself), what are the chances?! They had showers which I was very excited for since Ive been a bit apprehensive of trying the tiny one we have on the boat since we've never tried it before. John decided to try it out and it actually worked well and was really hot. Which is great news, now we don't have to go as long without having showers! Yay! Also, the weather was fine-it didn't even rain-it worries me that the weather report can be so off...

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