Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Babysitters Club!

Tuesday we took a trip to target with Alison and Josie. I got some nice new carpets for the boat since ours weren't looking so good. Feels much nicer on my feet! Josie, since she's a baby, eats baby food, makes sense. Her baby food comes in these packets that look like juice packs but they're puree spinach and rutabaga or something. John decided to pick up some of these for himself at target. It seems like a great idea for a baby, but the idea of eating liquid meals kinda makes me nauseous. I really wanted to get some boots since I only have 1 pair of sandals and boat shoes and it's getting a bit chilly for those at night. Especially when we go to a nice restaurant, I'm wearing a nice blouse and boat shoes...they don't exactly compliment each other. But, alas, there is no room on the boat for anything else, and I'm sure John would kill me if I tried to bring more clothes aboard. 
Old carpets

New carpets!
Josie's baby food that John purchased for himself
 The next day we went for lunch at a diner called Hildebrandt's, which has an odd amount of stuffed animals for a restaurant...and strange ones as well. From the outside it definitely looks like a toy store. But they make their own ice cream which was delicious. After lunch Alison dropped John, Josie and I off at a park while she went to run some errands. We had so much fun babysitting! It was a really neat park and had these weird pod things that kids sit in and spin around in. Josie loved it, but got a bit dizzy after a while. Also very exciting is that Josie walked for the first time during our visit here! Clearly it was our wonderful influence that inspired her to walk. Though John is not convinced that it's actually walking since its only a couple steps at a time, but what does he know! He's also very concerned about her growing up and having a Long Island accent, but I'm sure it'll be cute, at least while she's so cute!
The diner


High Five!

The ride of a lifetime

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