Sunday, September 08, 2013

And We're Off!

Hello everyone! I finally have my blog up and running. A little bit behind schedule since I'm not exactly very technologically savvy, so I'll have to do a quick summary of where I am now and go back to some of the more exciting and useful things later since we are already well under way now. We are officially on day 6 right now (though I'm not sure when I'll next have Internet, it may be day 7 or 8 by the time I'm able to post this). To sum up what we've been up to thus far;

After having the most stressful week of having a goodbye party, saying goodbye to friends and family, moving entirely out of my apartment and saying goodbye to my beloved roommates, moving the little bit of stuff I'm able to take with me on the boat and moving the rest to John's parents basement (thank you again Charles and Clare for letting me store my life there!), getting Dexter all ready and provisioning the boat I am finally living aboard Topanga and can breath a bit easier now that the preparation is all over.

Wednesday September 4: we left the longueuil marina in Quebec and ended up in Sorel, Quebec where friends and family met us to help take the mast down and lay it along the mast supports that John built. John was all cocky about how he had the biggest mast in the marina (53')-except that it's too big to go under bridges so we have to take it down-that really backfired! We spent the night there and had pizza and beer to celebrate and thank everyone for their help.

Thursday September 5: left Sorel, went under the Richelieu bridge (which was a big deal and emotional moment for John) and made it to our first (of 10) Chambly locks. Then hooked ourself onto a mooring ball for the first time for the night.

Friday September 6: tied up to the dock at the next set of locks in Chambly where Johns parents came and met us and took John to go pick up the decal we needed to get into the US from FedEx. When they returned we proceeded to go through a total of 9 locks! They pack 3 big boats inside the locks that looked like there was only enough space for 1 boat, but somehow we managed not to hit on another. Several hours later and several blisters on our hands later we passed through the last one and then found a spot to anchor near St-Jean.

Saturday September 7: pulling up the anchor was absolute hell since it was covered in seaweed and mud, made me feel pretty weak-I know I'm a girl, but I thought I was somewhat strong! But the John came to help me and even he had trouble and we had to do it together. I had to hack off all the mud and seaweed from the anchor in order to actually get it up. If anyone would like to buy me a windless (a machine that pulls the anchor up for you) for my birthday I would accept an early birthday present! We went on our way and made our last phone calls and checked our emails since we were about to leave Canada and didn't know when we'd have Internet or phone usage again. Soon enough we crossed the US boarder, and then just kept going, hoping to smuggle all our drugs and organs into the states to sell on the black market. But then we realized that the dinky little RV on a rock was actually the customs we were supposed to stop at, so we chucked the drugs and went back. It was super easy, we just gave them our passports and they gave us a permit and we were on our way. They didn't even ask for Dexter's papers that I had gone to such trouble to get. We went a little further into the states and dropped anchor at Rouses point.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the US boarder

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