Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Ocean, I Think our Love Affaire may be Coming to an end...

Well we had quite a day today! I am barely functioning as I write this, so bear with me. We started our day by going to get some diesel from a marina in Manasquan/Point Pleasant Beach. On our way we touched the bottom and got stuck in the mud. We kept trying to get ourselves out just like you would in a car, but no such luck. We asked a boat passing us if he could make some waves for us since that would help us get unstuck. He did some circles around us, and just when we were about to give up, we got out! We got our gas and then continued south, aiming for a place called Little Egg inlet.

Manasquan inlet

I thought I was gonna be fine, seasickness wise, I still had the patch on and everything. But soon enough I was proven very wrong. The waves and swells were pretty high. I had to use the bathroom so I went downstairs and got thrown onto the couch where I decided to stay for a while because I felt so icky. The waves/swells seemed to get bigger and stronger and before I knew it our big table fell over on the couch I was lying on, luckily it just missed me.

This gave John a scare so I went upstairs and he said we were almost at Little Egg inlet. John couldn't find any markers to guide us in so decided not to do it and try for another one. As this was happening, giant waves (7-8 ft!) came over the whole boat and soaked the cockpit. We don't mind getting wet, but the wave was so powerful that it took out our dinghy :(. Thanks a lot ocean, we kinda needed that. I thought we could go back for it but John didn't think it was worth it, said he'd rather lose the dinghy than our lives. At least he has his priorities straight! I was pretty nervous about Dexter having the same fate as our dinghy so I held on tight to him, I think he was a bit shaken up too.

The next inlet was Atlantic City, unfortunately still another 10 nautical miles away. We got a bit confused and stressed but managed to make it in just as the sun was setting and dropped anchor. The waves had thrown everything around in the cabin, luckily most things were secured, but it was a bit of a mess. It seems like tomorrows forecast calls for hazardous seas with waves 3-5 ft, great. I was excited to be on the ocean, with the smell of salt water, but after the past few days, I miss lakes!
The disaster down below

Saturday, September 28, 2013

No Match for the Patch!

We left Freeport yesterday morning and went to a marina called Guy Marina to do a pump out (which is how you get rid of the waste that's in the holding tank aka toilet). There was no one there so we did it ourselves for the first time ever. I was worried it was going to be a disaster and the waste going all over us, but luckily we were quite successful. John has a habit of doing the accent of wherever we are (or if he ever watches the show True Blood he speaks with a southern accent for the next few days after), and he does it to the extreme. So I had to speak with someone who had a Long Island/Jersey/something else I'm not quite sure of for the remainder of the day, fun right?
The ghetto Freeport marina

We got back onto the ocean which was said to look like glass, but somehow I still got seasick, not cool. There wasn't that much wind so we motor sailed (when you have your sails up and the motor running as well) all the way to Sandy Hook where we dropped anchor and watched a beautiful sunset. We had a delicious dinner of mayo-dill seasoned salmon, portobello mushrooms and rice, it was delicious! I also decided to put a seasickness patch on which makes me feel like a zombie, but still better than seasick.
This is where I felt my best
A paraglider flew right over our heads!

Beautiful sunset

Dexter enjoying the sunset


We got up bright and early because we wanted to do 50 nautical miles. Unfortunately today the ocean was not at all like glass. The boat was pitching (when the boat goes back on forth rather than side to side) so much, the entire front of the deck was getting soaking wet. We got both sails up which made it slightly more stable and turned the motor off. The wind and the sails were being finicky so we put the motor back on. Unfortunately for me, the waves and swells were so big (around 4') that it was no match for the patch (and I was wearing sea bands) and I got seasick again-brutal. So now I'm seasick, and super drowsy and have an incredibly dry mouth from the side effects of the patch. And because I am drinking so much water because my mouth is so dry, I keep having to make a tinkle, and of course going downstairs to the bathroom just makes the seasickness worse. It was a vicious cycle. To make matters even better, the engine dies and we can't get it back on, huge panic! So we had to put a sail up to keep us going. We radioed another sailboat who was nice enough to guide us into the little inlet called Manasquan to anchor. Luckily John took a diesel engine course and was able to fix the engine (there was air in the fuel line, possibly because we were rolling so much). So unfortunately we didn't make it to our original destination, but we needed a break after the crazy waters we just experienced.
But not to worry friends and family, we got harnesses with a PDF so we're a bit safer, now we just need the tethers to make sure we don't fall off the boat!
Sweet harness John!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Attack of the Swans!

 That evening john and I had Matt, and Sue and Lynn Ozner (Matt's aunt and uncle) and their daughter Stephanie over for dinner on the boat. I prepared a dinner of maple glazed salmon, potatoes with blue cheese and asparagus. And of course a lot of wine, and even some tequila! We had such a blast with them, and Dexter got more than enough attention from them.
salmon and potatoes

Asparagus with parmesan 

everybody down below for dinner

Uncle Lynn and Aunt Sue
After dinner we went back to Matt and Alison's and surprised Josie in the morning. We spent the morning doing laundry, having long luxurious showers, since we don't know when the next time that will be possible, and playing with Josie. We said our farewells to Josie and she blew us kisses and the four of us ran some last minute errands. We ordered Thai food and ate it on the boat. John and Matt got to work making a jug board (yes, you heard me right). The purpose of this board is to hold big jugs of diesel, gas and water in place on the deck so it doesn't take up room elsewhere on the boat. While they were hard at work, Alison and I went below and enjoyed a lovely nap. Afterwards we had a celebratory drink and said our goodbyes to Matt and Alison. We've had such a nice visit here in Long Island and loved getting to bond with Josie!

Breakfast with Josie

Hard at work 

That evening we got an unexpected visit from two swans. Very strange. Apparently the reason they're around this area is because wealthy people here have garden parties and buy swans to put in their ponds and then don't know what to do with them after. They also have a similar issue with ponies since they buy ponies for entertainment at their child's birthday party, yikes. These swans were not very nice though, they were hissing at me and looked ready to attack. I think Dexter was a bit scared of them. Then we had 15 ducks come our way, and before we knew it, we were surrounded! We decided to hide out below and hope for the best!

With our lovely view in the background

Watching from a cautious distance

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Babysitters Club!

Tuesday we took a trip to target with Alison and Josie. I got some nice new carpets for the boat since ours weren't looking so good. Feels much nicer on my feet! Josie, since she's a baby, eats baby food, makes sense. Her baby food comes in these packets that look like juice packs but they're puree spinach and rutabaga or something. John decided to pick up some of these for himself at target. It seems like a great idea for a baby, but the idea of eating liquid meals kinda makes me nauseous. I really wanted to get some boots since I only have 1 pair of sandals and boat shoes and it's getting a bit chilly for those at night. Especially when we go to a nice restaurant, I'm wearing a nice blouse and boat shoes...they don't exactly compliment each other. But, alas, there is no room on the boat for anything else, and I'm sure John would kill me if I tried to bring more clothes aboard. 
Old carpets

New carpets!
Josie's baby food that John purchased for himself
 The next day we went for lunch at a diner called Hildebrandt's, which has an odd amount of stuffed animals for a restaurant...and strange ones as well. From the outside it definitely looks like a toy store. But they make their own ice cream which was delicious. After lunch Alison dropped John, Josie and I off at a park while she went to run some errands. We had so much fun babysitting! It was a really neat park and had these weird pod things that kids sit in and spin around in. Josie loved it, but got a bit dizzy after a while. Also very exciting is that Josie walked for the first time during our visit here! Clearly it was our wonderful influence that inspired her to walk. Though John is not convinced that it's actually walking since its only a couple steps at a time, but what does he know! He's also very concerned about her growing up and having a Long Island accent, but I'm sure it'll be cute, at least while she's so cute!
The diner


High Five!

The ride of a lifetime

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crocheting Makes me Wanna Bang my Head

So I have a tendency to be less than aware of where my head is in relation to the things around me. So you can imagine how much more difficult I'm finding it in a tiny space. It would be impossible for me to say how many times I've bonked my head (and many other body parts) since starting this journey on the boat. I would say at least 10 times per day. I have bruises allll over, my head is constantly sore, theres definitely more bumps and lumps on than before, it's getting ridiculous. I even banged my forehead so bad the other day it scraped skin off it! John is always making fun of me for it, but now he's begun banging his head and body parts too (granted not quite as often as me) so I think he's become slightly more sympathetic. This is basically to say that if you notice my blogposts going downhill, not making as much sense and completely losing my grammar, it's most likely because I've lost too many brain cells from all the head banging. 

I'm also having a serious issue learning to crochet. I have a book with step by step instructions that I thought would be super simple. I could not have been more wrong. I then looked it up online and tried to follow videos. Nope. I don't remember the last times tried so hard at something and failed so horribly. I spent far too much time getting nowhere with is. I can't even master the way to hold my hands properly let alone the stitches. I've decided to take a time out from it for a bit and then try again. I think I need to befriend and old lady to teach me. If anyone has any tips-I'm all ears!
The latest crochet attempt-Dexter, you're no help!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Internet, We Missed You

The next day John and I finally dealt with the issue of getting an American cell phone that can give us Internet access on our computer by tethering. The people at AT&T said that the only plan that will do tethering costs $109 plus tax per month, which seemed a bit steep. He said that no companies offers it with a pay as you go phone. We went over to Radio Shack where we managed to get a pay as you go phone with tethering and international calling for $50 a month. Jose from AT&T, you may want to brush up on your info, because I think you're confused. Anyhow-we now have Internet and are once again connected to society! I think John has gone through withdrawal from Internet and now it's like crack for him. There, I said it, I think he's an addict. 

So we're staying behind some dental office that is also a marina...weird, I know. Though I also saw a dental clinic that said CAR WASH DENTAL CLINIC, so maybe this is a new thing and dentists are trying to expand their clientele, you never know. We went to the dental office (actually called a dental studio, not sure what that means exactly) to pay for our week stay here-which was only $87! John asked the woman if there was any chance she took Canadian money. She responded with a genuine "you guys have different money in Canada?!". Yikes...

The Ghetto of Long Island

That night we had a lovely dinner of tilapia, potatoes and veggie kabobs, and of course wine!
Lemon pepper tilapia

Veggie kabobs on reusable skewers

The final product

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Livin' it up in Long Island

We finally got to sleep in! Yay! We had breakfast on board and in the afternoon Matt (John's brother-in-law) came to the boat to pick us up and go back to his place to see Johns sister Alison and niece Josie. Matt took John on a run (which he's paying for now...), while Alison and I took Josie and Dexter to the park. Later on Matt took me with him to Whole Foods, since I had asked about it since I keep hearing about it but didn't know what it was. Basically it's the most perfect grocery store ever. Apparently its where all the fancy shmancy people buy their groceries. Then we went for dinner at George Martin's Grill Fire with Matt's aunt and uncle-best restaurant ever! Here's why: instead of bread at the beginning they give you complementary soft pretzels with mustard, which was delicious-but that's not all!! At the end of dinner they bring you a giant thing of cotton candy! I was in heaven. I most definitely ate 3/4 of that cotton candy (I apologize to the other 5 people at my table that did not get their fair share of it). 
Breakfast on board!
The next morning we got a visit from Alison and Josie on the boat-Josie is a big fan and cries when she can't go on it. John and I walked around Freeport (not a lot to see btw) and went into Home Depot and Duncan Donuts (with Dexter-and it was no problem) and then did some necessary work on the boat before Alison and Josie picked us up to go back to her place to have our first sleep on land in 20 days! Whoo!

We picked up wine and ordered sushi. Dexter and Josie have gotten pretty tight, just steps away from buying each other matching best friends necklaces. Though I think Dexter sometimes gets the idea that maybe he should take their relationship to the next level. I think he's a bit confused since they're the same size. Sorry Dexter, its not gonna happen buddy. John put little Josie to bed for the first time and then we proceeded to watch a serious marathon of the Golden Girls where I learned that John, who doesn't remember my birthday or what he had for breakfast, did remember line for line the episodes of Golden Girls...hmmm...something's not quite right there...
John trying to feed Josie



Watching Sesame Street together